Writing with Kinetic Sand

Spelling Practice with Kinetic Sand

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Writing with Kinetic Sand: Kinetic sand is an awesome medium for practicing handwriting skills and spelling. It’s fun texture adds an amazing sensory experience and a smooth resistance to add an extra challenge to your child’s writing!

Spelling Practice with Kinetic Sand

When Livia first started working on her handwriting skills you could have sworn it was more torturous than pulling teeth for her. She didn’t like coloring, writing, or any of the other traditional methods of teaching kids how to write. About the only thing she enjoyed was painting, so we spent countless hours playing around with different types of paints and texture brushes.


Then we discovered Kinetic Sand (and even managed to discover our own DIY Kinetic Sand recipe) and writing became a blast for Livia. Now there is no stopping her – she has become my aspiring writer!

Items Needed for Writing with Kinetic Sand:

  • Kinetic Sand (or make your own Kinetic Sand)
  • Pens
  • Spelling List (free printable sight word cards below)

Writing with Kinetic Sand

How to Play!

To set up play we printed out our spelling list (printable below) and practiced writing our words out in the sand.

Spelling Practice with Kinetic Sand

It did take a couple trial and error runs to figure out how much pressure to apply. One of the great things about kinetic sand is how smooth it is! This makes it super easy to erase and try again.

Spelling Practice with Kinetic Sand

Spelling Practice with Kinetic Sand

Once a word was successfully written (and spelled correctly) kids took a fun break to ball up their kinetic sand, squish it through their hands, and reshape into a new blank slate ready for their next word!

If your child is breezing through copying their words from the cards up the challenge and read the words to them! Hope your kids love this activity as much as mine have!

This download consists of 299 sight words and one blank card.


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