Letter Factory Mixed Up Letters Game!

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Letter Factory Mixed Up Letters Game! This simple game is a fun way to get kiddos exploring phonics and letter recognition all while having some simple sensory fun!

Letter Factory Mixed Up Letter Game!
Earlier this week we were sent the new Amazing Word Explorers by Leap Frog for review and my kiddos absolutely fell in love with the new DVD…not that it was that hard of a sell for our family as we adore all Leap Frog learning materials and have used the Letter Factory DVD series to teach all of our kiddos literacy skills.

While educational cartoons can be a great way to pique a child’s interest in certain topics {and pull them into a fun world of imaginary play exploring that topic} it is also important to reinforce that learning away from the screen. Simple games such as this Mixed-Up Letter Factory Sensory Bin are a great way to do just that!

Items Needed for Mixed-Up Letter Factory Game:

Items Needed for Letter Factory Mixed Up Letters Game!How to Play Letter Factory Mixed-Up Letters Game:

Step up for this game took maybe an entire 5 minutes…and the entire time my kiddos were bouncing right besides me begging to play. We LOVE sensory play that much!

Letter Factory Mixed Up Letters Game
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To set up the game I simply wrote out a hodge-podge of letters on a white sheet of paper and poured our colored rice and magnetic letters into our bin.

I added in 3 drops of Joy Young Living Essential Oil to our rice to eliminate the harsh vinegar smell. Joy Essential Oil from Young Living is also great for promoting team work, focus, and uplifting spirits which is always a great thing to add in for kids that are just beginning to play games with rules that involve other kids.

Kiddos used big spoons and fine motor tweezers to pull the magnetic letters out of the sensory bin.

Letter Factory Mixed Up Letters Game for Kids
Once they had successfully pulled out one letter kids matched the magnet to the corresponding spot on the letter mat. Since the mat is mixed up kiddos can’t rely on singing the ABC song or reciting the traditional order to solve the problem. However, they do have the phonics bus to help them solve the puzzle!

Letter Factory Mixed Up Letters Game
Kids sat and played this game from start to finish, spent quiet time watching the Amazing Word Explorers DVD, and then went back to play again. For older kids up the challenge by creating words, rhymes, and/or stories! Super simple learning game for the win!

About Leap Frog Amazing Word Explorers DVD:

Explore the joys of building words and creating stories as Leap, Tad, Lily and friends go on a camping adventure to see a meteor shower! Follow along as they learn to rhyme in song, and then build words and develop amazing stories in a super-fun game with picture and letter cards. Join the Leap Frog friends as they discover stories can come from anywhere—all you need is imagination!

Leap Frog Letter Factory Adventures: Amazing Word Explorers also includes a variety of sing-a-long videos and a curriculum commentary for parents.

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/iUFcCJ7GWwA” width=”620″]

We LOVE the entire Leap Frog Letter Factory Adventures DVD’s and the Amazing Word Explorers is no exception. If you are looking for a fun and simple way to introduce and reinforce rhyming, word building, or story-telling skills in your child then we HIGHLY suggest this DVD!!


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