Stamp and Spell

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Stamp and Spell: Stamping is a great way of having kids create messages, learn words, and practice spelling! Word building, letter writing, stamping to spell.
Stamp and Spell Activity for Kids
Language and literacy is by far one of Livia’s favorite subjects. She will easily spend hours curled up with a book or writing letters. However, when it comes to spelling it is like I am asking her to clean her room. She hates it and it is a major chore.

Learning should be fun! The more engaged you can get your child for the task at hand, the more information they will retain. Right now Livia is in a stamp phase. From our Do-a-Dot markers to our stamp collection, the girl is wanting to stamp anything and everything she can get her hands on. She also adores play dough. Play dough is a fun and calming sensory material. Mix the two together and you have a great learning experience that challenges sight word learning and works on fine motor skills!
stamp and spell
To do this activity you will need a sight word list (printable at end of post), play dough, and stamps. You can also make the index card ring which makes this a super easy busy bag! To make the cards you will need card stock, a hole punch, and a book ring (curtain rings also work).
stamp and spell
I used index cards on mine because I had some printable stickers that needed to be used. You could very easily even write out the spelling words you are working on.
stamp and spell
The stamp and spell activity has become one that is greatly loved by my kids. It is really straight forward and easy for kids to catch on to. After kids have stamped out words a couple of times add in a challenge and read the words to them to stamp. Hope your kids love this activity as much as mine do!

This download consists of 299 sight words and one blank card.


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