Dinosaur Yoga for Kids

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Do you want to get kids excited about yoga? Have your dinosaur-loving child join the dinosaur tribe with these simple printable packet is filled with fun Dinosaur Yoga Poses for Kids!

Dinosaur Yoga Kids Printable

Dinosaur Yoga is a fun and engaging way for kids to work on important physical developmental skills like balance, coordination, motor planning and proprioception (the ability of your brain to tell the muscles what you want them to do) while also strengthening their core and building healthy habits. The yoga kids poses that children practice with these dinosaur yoga will help develop their gross motor skills and self-regulation skills while providing sensory input!

We paired these playful yoga poses with our favorite dinosaur books for kids and other activity ideas (see bottom of this article). It made for a fun week exploring dinosaurs!

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Benefits of Doing Dinosaur Yoga with Kids

Yoga is a mind and body practice.

This means that yoga can help children develop and strengthen their minds as well as their bodies.

There are many benefits for kids practicing yoga, including: breathing techniques, focus, meditation practices, mindfulness skills, movement control, relaxation exercises, and stretching. It also helps with muscle tone and flexibility which is great for growing kids!

Dinosaur yoga activities provide children of all ages fun mindful movement through breath control exercises. This helps kids learn how to regulate their emotions and their body. This is also a fantastic activity for teaching self regulation skills like listening with patience and following directions.

Yoga also helps increase self-confidence and body awareness through trial and error. These dinosaur yoga poses provide a good opportunity to practice new things, be playful, and to ask questions when you’re stuck! You can even challenge kids to create their own ideas!

This type of play also inspires creativity while promoting social connections. You can do these dino yoga poses on your own, with a partner, or with a class!

Printable Yoga Dinosaur Poses for Kids

Stomp, stretch, and ROAR! The yoga poses cards included in this printable packet are:

Airplane Pose: Fly around and imagine you are a Pterodactyl!

Mermaid Pose: Stretch high like a Diplodocus!

Happy Baby Pose: Practice rocking side-to-side like a Baby Dino hatching out of it’s egg!

Horse Pose: Stretch out and imagine you are exploding like a Volcano!

Rabbit Pose: Pretend your arms behind your back are Stegosaurus plates!

Salutation Seal Pose: Pretend your hands are a Dilophosaurus fan!

Table Pose: Crawl around like a Triceratops!

Chair Pose: Stomp around like a T-Rex!

Frog Pose: Pretend to be a Dimetrodon showing off it’s back fin!

Upward Facing Dog Pose: Stretch your chest high like a Brachiosaurus!

Tree Pose: Stand tall and ground yourself like a Jurassic Tree!

Windmill Pose: Stretch out and touch your Dino Feet!

Kids Dinosaur Yoga Poses Printable

Ready to print these yoga poses off for your child? Snag them here!

Each page of this dinosaur yoga printable includes beautifully illustrated kids doing the poses and a full description of how to do each movement on the back. The PDF include is 6 pages and includes 12 yoga poses. If your child loves dinosaurs then they will have a blast using their imagination with this activity!

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Dinosaur Yoga Kids Printable

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