Handwriting Practice Made Fun and Easy!

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For many kids handwriting can be a daunting task. It doesn’t help that writing can have a reputation of being tedious and boring. Handwriting doesn’t have to be that way though. Here are some ways to make handwriting practice fun and playful to help your child fall in love with writing!

Handwriting Practice Made Fun and Easy

With the availability of technology I have heard countless times that handwriting is a thing of the past; that teaching children cursive is not necessary. To this I strongly disagree. There is a magic in paper and pencil that our children should be allowed to explore. A level of creativity that a keyboard can not pass along. Handwriting is so much more than just printing symbols, it is about creating.

Handwriting Practice Made Fun and Easy!

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Ideas to Get Kids Working on Their Handwriting Practice:

Highlighters and/or Bright Markers:

Highlighters provide a transparent way for kids to trace through letters that is easier to navigate than dotted or dashed lines. Plus this is a super easy way to make your own worksheets. Up the level of fun and have a child dictate a short story to you that they can then write themselves over the highlighter! This was one of my daughter’s favorite games when we were learning how to properly hold a pencil. Endless stories filled with magical memories!

Handwriting Practice Made Fun and Easy!

Experiment and Explore:

Who said handwriting practice had to happen on paper? In the past we have practiced spelling with play dough and handwriting with kinetic sand! Get creative and explore all the fun places and ways that children can write!

Cool BIC Pens and Pencils:

As a kid did you have one of those fun BIC pens that could write in multiple colors? I used to LOVE mine! Sometimes something as simple as providing fun and playful writing materials will help get your kids excited!

Handwriting Practice Made Fun and Easy!


Connect your child with a pen pal for a fun and educational experience! Connecting with people across the country or even the world is an amazing experience in itself! While friends and family are often simple and fun ways to begin a pen pal tradition, there are reputable companies out there such as PenPal World and International PenFriends.


Have a child that loves to help you shop? Have them write out the grocery list before you leave and allow them to throw in an item or two. How about personal or family goals, or even a bucket list? A chalkboard in a central place where goals and wishes can be written and worked towards as a team is a fun way to sneak in some handwriting with your kids!

No matter how you encourage your child to write the most important thing is that you make it playful and fun!

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