How to Get Crayon Off the Wall

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How to Naturally Get Crayon Off the Wall: Here’s a simple way to remove crayon from a painted wall that requires hardly any elbow grease. You won’t believe how simple this is!

How to Naturally Get Crayon OFF the Walls

When you have young kids they are bound to at one point or another color all over the walls…they do it with love you know. I secretly love the creativity, although I probably should never admit that out loud to my children. Because let’s face it, scrubbing crayons off the walls can be one of the most tedious and torturous jobs out there.

So imagine my excitement when a friend shared with me this brilliantly easy trick for removing crayons off the wall with little to no effort. Tackling the kids rooms before the move no longer seems so daunting!

Items Needed to Naturally Remove Crayon from the Wall:

Items Needed to Clean Crayons off of Walls

THAT’S IT! Told ya it was incredibly simple!!

How to Clean:

To use these items to remove crayons off of your walls all you are going to do is add 1 drop of Lemon Essential Oil to your q-tip and gently run it over the crayon markings. The crayon will easily come off your walls without removing your paint!

Removing Crayon from Walls

I wish I would have known about this years ago when Livia was little!!!

Here are three photos that show our results.

This is what we started with…

Crayons on Walls

And about half way through. Have used two q-tips at this point.

Half way through removing crayons off of walls

And then the finished result (after wiping everything down with a wet washcloth). One wall took 3 q-tips total!

Finished result of removing crayons

Pretty amazing if you ask me!

About Lemon Essential Oils:

Lemon Essential Oil is cold-pressed from the rinds of lemons. One bottle of Young Living lemon essential oils contains 75 lemons! That’s some pretty potent stuff!! The strong citrus scent is purifying, uplifting, and a powerful anti-oxidant. 


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