Love Potion Number 9: Sensory Science Experiment

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Who can’t use a little extra love chemistry in their lives? Especially when you have young kids…you know what I mean, don’t you!? Why not grab some basic ingredients out of your kitchen and set up this fun sensory-play Love Potion #9 Chemistry Experiment to get your kids exploring and thinking about the people in their lives!

This is a super fun activity to add into any Valentine’s Day Learning unit!
Love Potion #9 Sensory Science ExperimentLove Potion is created with two main ingredients — Magic Love Powder and Liquid Love

Items Needed for Love Potion #9:

  • Kool-Aide Packets
  • Baking Soda
  • Water
  • Vinegar {if desired}

Love Potion #9 Items Needed

The vinegar itself is not technically needed- your love potion will bubble and explode with just baking soda, kool-aide, and water. However, if you would like to keep those bubbles going after the initial reaction between the kool-aide and baking soda you will need to add in some vinegar.

Step One: Making the Magic Love Powder:

To make the powder fill the bottom of your cup with a packet of kool-aide and baking soda. We used two different flavors- Pink Lemonade and Fruit Punch. The Pink Lemonade created the light pink as seen at the very top of this post, while the Fruit Punch created a lovely blood red. Add in whatever additional ingredients your child may desire such as conversation hearts, gems, or glitter!

Step Two: Adding the Liquid Love:

To make Liquid Love we simply filled up a water bottle with about 1/3 cup vinegar and the rest water. It was a very diluted mix and did not have a strong vinegar smell at all. I have a pregnant momma nose right now so that no vinegar smell was super important!

Add the Liquid Love and watch the Magic begin!

Love Potion #9 Beginning to Fizz

We put our Magic Love Powder directly into the cup and then added the Liquid Love in so that the reactions would be slow.

Love Potion #9 Over Pour

And change in color as the different layers of kool-aide were exposed! This was such a fun science experiment!!

Love Potion #9 Stir it Back Up

As the fizzing died down we stirred our potions some more to expose the bottom layer and send it bubbling back up!

Love Potion #9 I Spy Game

The kids had a blast playing a game of I-Spy as various conversation hearts and gems started to appear through the fizz. Eventually the fizz completely died down and we had a fun sensory soup!

Love Potion #9 Sensory Soup

Once the chemical reactions had completely died down we dumped our love potions into a larger bin to continue our pretend-play with a fun sensory soup! This activity easily kept my kiddos entertained for an entire hour while encouraging them to explore their curiosity and creativity!
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The kool-aide will color skin and materials so it is recommended to do this activity with towels available and in play clothes!

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