Pasta World Map Craft

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Making a Pasta World Map is super simple and it will make a fabulous wall decoration for your home! Super fun and easy to make this geography craft is perfect for teaching your child about the world around them while encouraging their creativity!

Pasta World Map Craft

To Make a Pasta World Map You Will Need:

Items Needed to Make a Pasta World Map Craft

How to Make a Pasta World Map:

1. First you will need to draw out your map on the coffee filter with your blue crayon. You are going to want to use a blue crayon so that it blends into the design while being resistant to the paint so that you can easily find your lines. This step may be difficult for younger kids. Don’t be afraid to help your child draw out their map or provide images for them to copy from.

Drawing out your Pasta World Map Craft

2. Paint the water on your map! Don’t worry about staying in the lines or anything like that — water colors on coffee filters is a great color mixing experiment! (Add in some blue glitter for a wonderful sparkle!!)

Painting a Pasta World Map Craft

It may be a tad difficult to see, but your crayon lines should remain resistant to the water colors allowing you too see the continents despite the bleeding colors.

Crayon Outline on Pasta World Map Craft

3. Outline and fill with glue (I went overboard with this for the sake of the glue showing in the photo, you do not need to use this much).

Gluing Pasta World Map Craft

4. Pour on the pasta!!

Pour Pasta on Your Pasta World Map Craft

5. Let dry! After our projects dried we did end up mounting them on cardboard squares due to the weight. This also made the map much easier to hang on the wall!

A Book for the Craft:

Following FeatherBottom by. Philip Haussler (MarbleSpark)

Following FeatherBottom by. Philip Haussler (MarbleSpark)
I received this book for the purpose of this review

This personalized children’s book published by MarbleSpark will take your child on a colorful adventure across the world and through the letters of their name (first and last). We got this book for my son, and even though his name uses some of the same letters multiple times there were no repeat images or pages. Each letter recieves it’s own unique destination and story line.

From an A in Antarctica to a Z in Zimbabwe, Felix and Pierre run into fantastic characters and adventures that grow along with the child. Babies love the vibrant illustrations and rhyme. Toddlers learn to recognize and spell their name. Older kids get a geography lesson and love the hidden “I Spy” items in each illustration.

Each book is unique, including the child’s birthday, nickname, dedication from the sender, and personalized hardcover with your child’s name on it. You can select different letters and even choose among three different hardcover background colors.

We absolutely adore this book (which you can view interactively at, and it was a blast to pair with this Pasta World Map Activity!

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