Playdough Dinosaur Fossils

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Playdough Dinosaur Fossils: Explore print making, matching, and types of dinosaurs with this simple playdough activity! This is even a great activity for some dramatic dinosaur play!

Playdough Dinosaur Fossils
When it comes to favorite toys in our house right now there are three that are battling each other for the first place: Dinosaurs, Legos/Duplos, and Playdough…

So, getting two of the favorites into one simple hands on activity? Major win! This activity kept my little man entertained long enough for me to get the dining room cleaned up and vacuumed from our Dino Dirt activity [which was brilliantly fun and horribly messy]…

Items Needed for Playdough Dinosaur Fossils:

Playdough Dinosaur Fossils Items Needed

Then Play!

That’s all there is to it! Simple Fun!

We played match the footprints to the dinosaurs…

playdough dinosaur fossils matching foot prints

Practiced making imprints.

Playdough Dinosaur Fossils Making Imprints

The stegosaurus was by far the favorite…

Playdough Dinosaur Fossils Stegosaurus Imprint

Meatball found his armor so fascinating he had to make some himself. Which led to exploration into which dinosaurs had body armor and which ones didn’t and how the ones that did not have any armor protected themselves.

Playdough Dinosaur Fossils Exploring Dinosaur Breeds

It’s not very innovative, but I can promise you it is fascinating and fun!


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