Dinosaur Dirt! Fun with Sand Foam!

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We sure do love us some sensory play activities here! We’ve done DIY Kinetic Sand, Crunchy Foam Dough , Homemade Snow, and so much more!

This Sand Foam has such a smooth yet slimy and grainy texture that makes for a great sensory activity that kids love!

Dinosaur Dirt! Fun with Sand Foam!

The best part is, it’s very inexpensive AND easy to make! This activity cost us $5 max!

Ingredients Needed for Sand Foam:

Dinosaur Dirt! Fun with Sand Foam!

How to Make Dinosaur Dirt!

{Printable recipe below}

To make Sand Foam simply take three cups of sand and pour it either on to a tray or into a bowl. Hand your kiddo a can of shaving cream and let them spray the can until empty on to the sand. Then dig your hands in, mix, and play! Have fun playing around with different consistencies and textures by adding in more sand or more shaving cream! 

Dinosaur Dirt! Fun with Sand Foam!

If your child dislikes getting his hands messy {as does mine} provide them with various scoops, spoons, and toys to experiment with. We used kitchen utensils and dollar store dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Dirt! Fun with Sand Foam!

Sand foam is a lot like playing in mud in that the sand holds it shape really well and it is wet to the touch. But, unlike mud ours wasn’t too sticky, as in it was easy to brush off and crumbly. We had a blast exploring this unique texture while introducing dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Dirt! Fun with Sand Foam!

Dinosaur Dirt! Fun with Sand Foam!

Sand Foam is a quick and easy two ingredient Sensory Play Recipe! There's nothing better than easy sensory play that can be brought out at any time!


  • 3 cups Sand
  • 1 can, 7-10 oz. Shaving Cream


  1. Pour Sand into a container.
  2. Empty can of Shaving Cream.
  3. Mix
  4. Play!


Experiment with different consistencies by adding more sand or shaving cream!

Adapted from Little Bins for Little Hands

Nutrition Information:

Serving Size:

1 grams

Amount Per Serving: Unsaturated Fat: 0g

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There’s nothing better than quick and easy sensory play to bring out at any time! We hope your kids love this simple activity as much as ours did!

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