Potty Training Tips From Parents Who Have Been There!

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Potty Training Tips: Struggling with potty training your child? Not quite sure where to start? Potty training doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems! Below you will find our favorite potty training tips collected from a diverse group of mom bloggers!

Potty Training Tips from Real Parents Who Have Been There!

The Best Potty Training Tips!

1. Follow Your Instincts:
Follow your child’s readiness cues and your own instincts. Listen to the advice of others, but don’t let it make you anxious. People only know what they know. And what they know is limited by their own life experiences.–Shauna from Fantastic Fun and Learning

2. Don’t Give Up:
Once you begin don’t give up too easily. Remember they don’t know what to do so they have to to have the accidents in order to learn. –Nicola from MultiCrafting Mummy

3. Let It Go:
Being patient takes on a whole new meaning during potty training– and I’m not just talking about being able to sit and wait for your little one to go. I’m talking about keeping calm when your little one has his moments. I’ve learned that you just need to let some things go and realize that it’s a very messy process! –Ana from Mommy’s Bundle

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4. Make Sure Your Child is Ready:
Many parents, undoubtedly excited to be done with the whole diaper thing, rush potty training. Do not force your child into potty training if they aren’t ready. In many ways, children let you know when they’re ready. –Jennifer from The Jenny Evolution

5. Create a Learning Environment with Books:
Why potty books? Well, why not? If I am teaching on a particular subject or topic, I get books to support the information that I am teaching and the things that my children are absorbing. Images, stories, and examples are invaluable when it comes to learning (especially for visual learners). — Tanya from The Natural Homeschool

Potty Training Tips from Real Parents!

6. Get Rid of the Diapers!
Call it tacky. Call it uncivilized. But when you use disposable diapers, wetness isn’t all that bothersome. Take away the bottoms, and bam! It’s kind of impossible to ignore the pee. –Rachael from Nothing if Not Intentional

7. Use Natural Incentives:
Our rule was the kiddo must wear diapers when going out in public until they had gone a full week with no accidents at home. This gives them something to work towards! –Paula from Beauty Through Imperfection

8. Go At Your Pace and Breathe:
You will get your child potty trained. Relax, don’t worry about it, and one day you’ll realize your child is potty trained almost without your realizing it. –MaryEllen from the Imperfect Homemaker [Tweet “Potty Training Tip: Don’t compare. Every child is different!”]

9. Stay Home for a Couple of Days:
Pick a weekend or three day span where you have no where to be. I do not go out during this time. With our third son, I actually picked a week where my husband was off so that he could take the other kids where they needed to be while I stayed home to train our third son, our then 23 month old. I needed him to watch the other kids while I focused my attention on the potty trainer. –Becky from Your Modern Family

10. Let Your Child Pick Their Potty:
With every child I have potty trained their preferences have been unique to them. For some kiddos they want to go on the “grown-up” potty, while others prefer a potty ring, or even their very own potty chair. By giving your child a choice you are eliminating part of the control battle and helping them find comfort in something that can be scary to them!  –Stephanie from Parenting Chaos [Tweet “Potty Training Tip: Create a sign with your child that can easily be used to signal the need to go!”]

And don’t forget —There is no “right” age. Each child develops differently. –Neyssa from Rebuilding the Well


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