Shaving Cream and Pool Noodles Sensory Bin

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Challenge your child with some messy sensory building fun with this shaving cream and pool noodle sensory bin!

Shaving Cream and Pool Noodles Sensory Bin

It’s no secret that we love sensory bins around here. They are a fun way to sneak in some hands on learning while helping your child explore new (and maybe uncomfortable) sensations.

Playing with shaving cream is kinda a favorite around here. It’s affordable and easy to clean up making this sensory bin perfect for those days when you just need to keep your kids busy without them destroying the house.

When it comes to throwing together sensory bins we always try to be intentional about working on a specific developmental skill my children are in stage for.

For this bin we were working on: Counting, pattern making, and stacking. Stacking blocks is a simple way to work on hand eye coordination, hand dexterity and fine motor strength, and problem solving.

Shaving Cream with Pool Noodle Blocks Sensory Bin

Supplies Needed:

  • Shaving Cream
  • Pool Noodles
  • Sensory Bin or Large Tub (we use this style of tub)
  • Squeeze Bottle
  • Bread Knife


1. Cut different colored pool noodles into slices. You will want to use a bread knife or other serrated knife to cut the pool noodles.

2. Add the slices of pool noodles into a sensory bin or large tub. Fill the tub with shaving cream. Mix the noodles around.

Then play! It really could not get much easier than this 🙂

Ideas on How to Incorporate Learning Into Play

Have children divide the pool noodles by color. Once divided count the pool noodles and stack them. Add to the challenge by having children try to knock their towers down using a squeeze bottle filled with water – how much force does that take?

Build pattern towers! How much shaving cream needs to be used to make the pool noodles stick together? What happens if you don’t use shaving cream? Which method can you build a taller tower with?

Grab some different types of material such as printer paper, card-stock, cereal boxes, or cardboard and float them on top of the shaving cream. Attempt to build some towers and sculptures on top after making a hypothesis of which foundation will do the best.

What you can do with this sensory bin truly is endless. Hope ya’ll have fun with it!

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Shaving Cream and Pool Noodles Sensory Bin

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