Rainbow Building: All Construction Should Be This Sweet!

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Tooth-pick Marshmallow Engineering: Building structures with tooth-picks and marshmallows is one of those classic kid activities that should be a part of every childhood! Construction play is such a fantastic way to learn for kids of all ages (and easily adaptable to fit your child’s stage)!

Rainbow Marshmallow Toothpick EngineeringOne thing I really LOVED about this activity was that it got the entire family involved. It was so much fun to see everyone sitting down and collaborating as they built their rainbow cities. Dad and Meatball created the tallest tooth-pick tower while Livia created a castle for Cinderella — she even built her own marshmallow Cinderella using the various colored marshmallows!

Items Needed for Rainbow Marshmallow Buildings:

  • Marshmallows
  • Food Dye
  • Tooth-picks

Items Needed for Rainbow Marshmallow Construction

How to Make Rainbow Marshmallows:

Creating the marshmallows for play was ridiculously easy and a tad tedious. In a bowl for each color mix however many marshmallows you want to use (we did two handfuls each) with food-dye and water. You do not need to add a lot of water, this is just to help it mix together easier. Let it sit for a couple of seconds (just long enough to absorb), drain, and place on a baking sheet to dry.

What made it tedious? I did not for one second consider what happens to marshmallows as they dry. Word to the wise — place some sort of wax paper underneath your marshmallows and space.them.out. Otherwise you might spend a good chunk of time peeling and breaking apart sticky icky marshmallow pieces…not.fun.

Setting Up Play for Marshmallow Tooth-Pick Towers:

Marshmallow Toothpick Engineering- Construction Play for Kids!
Setting up play for this construction activity was pretty self explanatory. Being that it is open ended creative play, there isn’t much instruction needed. Simply set out the items needed and invite children to build! It may help to introduce basic engineering concepts as you invite them to create.

Invitation to Create! Toothpick Engineering for Kids

For Meatball this activity was peaceful – he dug in, experimented, and created. There was no stopping him! For Livia this was a tad more frustrating. She wanted to bend some of the basic laws of physics and got pretty upset when her structures wouldn’t do as told…

Toothpick Construction Projects

All in all this construction activity was a blast for both the adults and the kids. Just look at that level of focus!

Engineering Projects for Kids- Toothpick Construction

And the kids creations turned out stunningly beautiful! {Plus the marshmallows made a fun snack}!

Engineering for Kids- Toothpick Construction

This simple activity definitely was a win for all of our family members! We can’t wait to try this again to see what other types of foods (or materials) we can build with!


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