Star Wars Galaxy Slime

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It’s no secret that in our home sensory bins are a pretty big thing…anything that can entertain us til’ nap time is a pretty big thing. We love our sensory bins because they are just so easy to throw together and they entertain kids in open-ended play for hours. This week my kids have turned their focus to everything and anything Star Wars. Their excitement for the upcoming movie is near unbearable. So of course it is only logical that we do some Star Wars activities such as this Star Wars Galaxy Slime!

This Star Wars Galaxy Slime is out of this world AMAZING!

This slime was simple to make, a ton of fun, and a bugger to photograph…

One of the greatest things about slime is that in addition to it being incredibly easy to make it is extremely versatile. All you have to do really is add some plastic toys in and you have created a whole new experience for your child to play with (even if it is the same old slime)…

Items Needed for Star Wars Galaxy Slime

Ya’ll I am in love with these little Playskool Heros toys. We bought two small packs for this slime (Yoda/Luke and Darth Vader/Stormtrooper). I am really tempted to buy some more because they have just been that fun to play with!

Directions for Star Wars Galaxy Slime

When making this slime there are a couple of tips to know before starting. First, glitter glue is totally do-able for this project. In fact we have used glitter glue to make our Spiderman Slime and our How to Train a Dragon Slime. That said, black (Elmer’s) glitter glue is hard to find — I am not even sure it exists.  So here is a trick to make slime whatever color you would like it to be without having to track down the colored glue.

Buy clear glue. Then using your gel food dye scoop a bit out and put it on the top.

This trick on how to dye glue is brilliant!

Don’t worry about mixing it all up. As you squeeze the glue out it will pass through the colored section making sure that whatever comes out of the bottle will be colored! You can also do this with glitter glue. 

For example to make a blue colored slime I couldn’t find blue glitter glue…but Meatball really wanted blue glitter glue. So, we used purple and added in teal — This is a fantastic fun way to work on color theory with kids!

This trick on how to dye glue is brilliant!

Also note that if you are going to use gel food dye to dye your slimes it is going to transfer to your hands. It will also transfer to your kids hands. But if you let it sit for about 30 minutes once the slime is finished being made, it shouldn’t transfer. We were able to play with this without it staining or transferring to any of our items.

So…on to how to make the slime!

To make this slime all you have to do is mix your entire bottle of Elmer’s glue with a tablespoon of liquid starch at a time until you get the consistency that you want. Less liquid starch will lead to a stickier slime where as more leads to a putty like slime. Once it is all mixed up add in your glitter!

For this Star Wars Galaxy Slime I used three batches of slime – Red (from our Spiderman Slime), Purple with teal gel dye (from our How to Train a Dragon Slime), and then the black glitter slime that we made specifically for this activity.

Beautiful slime colors!

These three colors mixed together gave the slime some depth in color.

Then add in your glow in the dark stars, Star Wars toys, and play!

This Star Wars Galaxy Slime is out of this world AMAZING!

Turn off the lights and catch some shooting stars!

This Star Wars Galaxy Slime is out of this world AMAZING!

Help your Stormtroppers out of a sticky mess…

This Star Wars Galaxy Slime is out of this world AMAZING!

and watch the Millennium Falcon drop out of hyper-speed!

This Star Wars Galaxy Slime is out of this world AMAZING!


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