12 Fun Educational Games for Early Childhood

Fun Educational Games

Games are an important aspect for pulling learning outside of the classroom. Kids love to play and kids learn through play. Games begin as early as birth with nursery rhymes and fun educational games such as peek-a-boo. As the child develops the games become more involved to challenge social and educational skills. When picking out … Read more

Lemon Chicken Recipe

lemon chicken recipe

This lemon chicken recipe is bound to be a success with the family and has the versatility to be paired with many side dishes.

German Red Potatoes with Pistachios Recipe

German Red Potatoes

Potatoes make the perfect side dish for any holiday or event. Everyone loves them…and everyone brings them. This recipe will take your side dish to next level and is bound to be a success! These German Red Potatoes have a rich savory taste with a touch of sweetness.  [yumprint-recipe id='2'] Kitchen notes for German Red … Read more

Christmas Presents for Men

Christmas Presents for Men

Thinking about getting boyfriend or husband a shirt from your Father's closest this year? While you may be picking out that shirt with good intentions think twice before you purchase it. The most common complaint I hear from men is that the women in their life shop for them like they were shopping for their … Read more