Dinosaur Stomp Painting

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Dinosaur Stomp Painting: This process art activity could not be any easier or fun.  This is an EASY kid craft to use during a dinosaur theme week that works well with any age.

When it comes to art activities for kids process art projects tend to be our favorites! This activity could pair well with some of other process art posts such as DIY Texture Paintbrushes, Homemade Scented Paint, or even our DIY Textured Finger Paints!

Dinosaur Stomp Painting: Printing and Finger Painting for Kids

This week while we have been exploring Dinosaurs I knew I wanted to do something to tie in some art projects. It seems like we have been on a pretty strong science kick lately and haven’t done much for arts-n-crafts. I just honestly have not wanted to take the time to set up a craft activity– lazy I know. Then I came across this dinosaur painting activity and knew it was something simple that we could easily do!

Meatball is absolutely loving the whole dinosaur theme — we have them driving cars, taking baths, eating spaghetti…they have become one of his can’t put them down right now toys. So today we painted with dinosaurs.

It turned out pretty awesome! Gotta love simple fun!

Items Needed for Dinosaur Stomp Painting:

Items Needed for Dinosaur Stomp Painting

Personally when it comes to activities like this I prefer to just use a large sheet of easel or butcher paper to cover the entire area. Add a little duct-tape to keep the paper in place and we are good to go. My kids like to make messes…

If you are looking for some fun dinosaur coloring sheets to paint on and cut out make sure to swing over to Itsy Bitsy Fun (one of my favorite places to find FREE printables).

Setting Up Dinosaur Stomp Painting

Once set up is taken care of step back and let your little one have fun making their dinosaur stomp into the paint and across the paper!

Dinosaur Stomping in Paint

Meatball experimented with stomping, swirling, and sliding. 

Dinosaurs Stomping Across Paper with Paint on their Feet

We played around with color mixing.

Color Mixing with Dinosaur Stomp Painting

Pretended to jump in orange mud puddles…

Dinosaur Stomp Painting: Jumping in Mud Puddles

Counted foot steps.

Counting Feet with Dinosaur Stomp Painting

Experimented with using different parts of the dinosaurs to paint with — the stegosaurus tail was a favorite!

Painting with a Stegosaurus Tail

We painted until our dinosaurs were falling over tired…

Dinosaur Stomp Painting

And then moved on to meshing and squeezing our hands in what paint was still left, making a beautifully colorful mess!

Finger Painting for Kids

This activity was SO much {simple} FUN!!!!

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