Valentine’s Day Cookie Cutter Stamping

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Cookie Cutter Stamping: A simple way to add in a process art activity for Valentine’s Day. This activity is a great way to explore different textures and color mixing! It can get a tad messy, but we promise you it’s worth it!

Valentine's Day Cookie Cutter StampingOne of my favorite investments from my teaching days was a kit of 101 Cookie Cutters. The kit came with letters, numbers, seasons, animals, holidays, sports…you name it, it had it. We have used these cookies cutters for an array of activities from arts-n-crafts to sensory play and everything in between. I seriously have a love affair with these things!

I also love everything and anything that is process art so this activity was not only a blast for my kiddos, it was also a lot of fun for me to watch them experience!

Items Needed for Valentine’s Day Cookie Cutter Stamping:

Valentine's Day Cookie Cutter Stamping Items Needed

Set up for this activity was super quick. I simply taped a large piece of easel paper to our table, squirted out some Valentine’s-y colors, and stepped back to let the kiddos do their thing!

Valentine's Day Cookie Cutter Stamping Exploring Paint

Meatball started off the activity by poking the paint with a tooth pick. You would have thought the kiddo had never seen a pile of paint before. The kid loves anything and everything messy like sand, foam dough, or slime…but paint on his hands? That’s a big no-no.

Valentine's Day Cookie Cutter Stamping Exploring Paint

So for us the tooth-picks provided the perfect excuse to start poking around while slowly exposing him to the paint. Plus they made a pretty fun texture!

Valentine's Day Cookie Cutter Stamping Exploring Shapes

Once he got adjusted to the texture and watched Livia dive in there was no stopping him in getting paint all over his hands to use the cookie cutters as stamps. He even had fun mixing the red, pink, and purple!

Valentine's Day Cookie Cutter Stamping Using Kitchen Utensils

We also experimented with some other kitchen utensils and a tooth brush. We absolutely adore experimenting with different textured paint brushes, so the kiddos got super excited about this!

Valentine's Day Cookie Cutter Stamping Finished Results

Meatball even successfully identified a heart! I am thinking that all these heart activities are starting to have an affect on him!

The end result is a beautiful abstract heart painting that is perfect for making Valentine’s day cards out of or hanging on the wall!

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